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TIPS Exhibits its Work on 45th Anniversary Lekatit 11

From February 16-19, 2020, the Tigrai Institute of Policy Studies (TIPS), an emerging research institute, exhibited its key achievements and ongoing research works at Tigrai Martyr’s compoundinan event organized to commemorate the 45thyears anniversary ofLekatit11.

In the exhibition it was reported that 95 governmental, non-governmental and private organizations participated and presented their key products and services.

The exhibition was opened to the general public following the official opening ceremony lead by H.E. Doctor Debretsion Gebremickael, Deputy President of the Tigrai regional state. Many people came and visited our exhibition including H.E. Doctor Debretsion Gebremickael, members of the regional cabinet, local and foreignparty representatives and other invited guests. Printing materials (banners and flyers) were presented and distributed to the visitors.

Our visitors were keen to known TIPS’ area of engagement and interested to see the works produced so far.More work and research in areas of climate change, environmental pollution and civil service efficiency was highly recommended.

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