TIPS: Overview

Tigray Institute of Policy Studies (TIPS) was established by proclamation no.306/2018 by the parliament of the Regional State of Tigray with the objective of initiating and providing research-based recommended solutions and advices to the regional government on the development and implementation of policies and strategies pertaining to political, economic, social affairs and technology within the region. Particularly, TIPS conducts and coordinates researches to improve good governance, agriculture and rural development, urbanization and industrialization as well as build capacity of service providers. The institute is envisioned to become a leading research center in policy related studies which fit within the national and regional development priorities. Cognizant its vision, it has been rendering demand-driven services to the regional government since its establishment. Realizing that productive policy studies have paramount importance to socio-economic development, TIPS has identified four strategic sectors. Each sector is further divided into teams as follows: