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TIPS Staff Helps Martyr’s Families and a Veteran Fighter

In the name of 45 years anniversary of Lekatit 11, the Tigray Institute of Policy Studies (TIPS) staff presented a gift to martyr’s families and a veteran fighteron February 20, 2020. For the staff, the gift(three double face blankets,scarfs, T-shirts and birr donations) is a kind of smallcontribution but helps to express their eternal sympathy for the martyr’s families and veteran fighters. Besides it signals their respect to the heavy price paid by the martyr’s families and veteran fighters during the bitter armed struggle against the Derg regime. 

The event was hosted at TIPS head office compound, Mekelle. The martyr’s family shared their life experiences/tribulations and TIPS hope it resonates well and help its staff get inspired to highly participate in the all-round regional development endeavors.

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TIPS Exhibits its Work on 45th Anniversary Lekatit 11

From February 16-19, 2020, the Tigrai Institute of Policy Studies (TIPS), an emerging research institute, exhibited its key achievements and ongoing research works at Tigrai Martyr’s compoundinan event organized to commemorate the 45thyears anniversary ofLekatit11.

In the exhibition it was reported that 95 governmental, non-governmental and private organizations participated and presented their key products and services.

The exhibition was opened to the general public following the official opening ceremony lead by H.E. Doctor Debretsion Gebremickael, Deputy President of the Tigrai regional state. Many people came and visited our exhibition including H.E. Doctor Debretsion Gebremickael, members of the regional cabinet, local and foreignparty representatives and other invited guests. Printing materials (banners and flyers) were presented and distributed to the visitors.

Our visitors were keen to known TIPS’ area of engagement and interested to see the works produced so far.More work and research in areas of climate change, environmental pollution and civil service efficiency was highly recommended.

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ሰራሕተኛታት ኢንስቲትዩት መፅናዕትን ምርምርን ፖሊሲ ትግራይ ንልምዓት ትግራይ ዝውዕል ልዕሊ 54,000 ብር ኣወፍዮም፡፡

On January 2, 2020, both researchers and the support staff of the Tigray Institute of Policy Studies (TIPS) contributed a total amount of ETB 54,400 for the development of Tigray. The fund raising event was organized at the TIPS head office, Mekelle.

All members of the staff agreed to fully pay their pledge before the 45th anniversary of Lekatit 11.

The money contributed by the staff members of TIPS – a recently established research institute with the vision to become a trusted and competent policy research institute by 2025 in Africa through generating ideas on policies and practices- is expected to contribute its share to the ongoing regional development endeavors.

During the fund raising event, it was observed that all staff members have shown devotion and more commitment to contribute in any form and to sacrifice in the overall development and security issues of Tigray.

The TIPS management has been contributing previously in different occasions for the same purpose.

For TIPS, Tigray development matters!

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